A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Snapped Ankles – CIA Man (NSA Man Violation) [CIA Man (NSA Man Violation) single]
Teen Creeps – Mercury [Birthmarks LP]
Tape Deck Mountain – Loopers of Bushwick [Echo Chamber Blues LP]
FACS – Primary [Negative Houses LP]
MIEN – Earth Moon [MIEN LP]
Bambara – Doe Eyed Girl [Shadow On Everything LP]
Shapeshiftingaliens – Fade Away [Shapeshiftingaliens LP]
Concrete Knives – Gold Digger [Our Hearts LP]
Anatomy – The Sixth Seal [Anatomy single]
Bad Breeding – Abandonment [Abandonment LP]
Boys – End of Time [Rest In Peace LP]
The Love-Birds – Kiss and Tell [In the Lover’s Corner LP]
Shell Of A Shell – Rotten Plan [Already There LP]
Kal Marks – Loosed [Universal Care LP]
Ulrika Spacek – Lord Luck [Suggestive Listening LP]
The Golden Dregs – Adaptation [Lafayette LP]
Big Ups – PPP [Two Parts Together LP]
Charismatic Megafauna – Sorry [Semi-Regular LP]
Dancehall – Droners [The Band LP]
Spielbergs – We Are All Going To Die [Distant Star LP]
Kraus – Reach [Path LP]
Rodney Cromwell – Comrades [Comrades single]
Illuminati Hotties – (You’re Better) Than Ever [Kiss Yer Fenemies EP]

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