Human Pleasure radio 11th March 2019….she freezes heads for experiments.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Dragon Welding – The Builders [Dragon Welding LP]
Housewives – Sublimate pt.II [Twilight Splendour LP]
Beat Rhythm Fashion – None In The Universe [Beings Rest Finally CD]
Nots – Half-Painted House [LP]
Seafog – Hail To The Mother [Animal Lovers LP]
Molly Drag – Shapeshifter [Thumper LP]
No Broadcast – Waste [single]
Crows – Wednesday’s Child [Silver Tongues LP]
The Snakes – Pop Song [The Snakes LP]
Mothers Dearest – Lucky [Rivercity Beef LP]
Ice Baths – Simulation [Decadent Sprinter LP]
Mom And The Mailman – A Case of the Man [Tasty Meat CS]
Super Unison – Parts Unknown [Stella LP]
Tics – Guerilla [Agnostic Funk LP]
Madonnatron – Sucker Punch [single]
Bec Stevens – Time It Takes [Why Don’t You Just LP]
Money For Rope – Stretched My Neck [Picture Us LP]
Snapped Ankles – Delivery Van [Stunning Luxury LP]
Stars and the Underground – Have a Heart [Evolution Circle EP]
Fatamorgana – Mirar [Terra Alta LP]
Bazooka – Φυλακή (Filaki) [Zero Hits LP]
Royal Trux – Shoes And Tags [White Stuff LP]
Blackout Transmission – Verdant Return [Verdant Return single]
Clinic – Rubber Bullets [Wheeltappers and Shunters LP]
Mint Field – Jardin de la Paz [Mientras Esperas LP]
Sharkmuffin – Serpentina [Gamma Gardening LP]
Carla dal Forno – So Much Better [So Much Better LP]
Tangients – Hazel [single]

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