Human Pleasure radio 9th May 2022….oops, thats broken it.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Death Bells – Lifespring [Between Here & Everywhere LP]
Holy Coves – Desert Storm [single]
Moreish Idols – Speedboat [single]
The Bug Club – Lay Down Your Roses [Two Beauties single]
Live, Do Nothing – Oso Jugoso [single]
Krush Puppies – Slay The Dragon [Love Kills The Demons EP]
Slow Dawn – See Through [Into The Machine Haus LP]
Courting – Tennis [single]
Flechettes – Carry Your Matches [Carry Your Matches EP]
Launder – Unwound [Happening LP]
Euroboy + Alicia Breton Ferrer – Reading Glasses [Sacrificial Chanting Mood LP]
New Age Healers – Don’t Let Me Go [single]
Langkamer – Soul Bucket [single]
First Class And Coach – Neon Hip [single]
Prolapse – Deanshanger (Peel session) [John Peel session 08.04.97 EP]
Slang – Hit The City [Cockroach in a Ghost Town LP]
All Structures Align – Structures Of Wood [Details And Drawings LP]
Church Candy – Dark Room [Church Candy EP]
Haress – White Over [Ghosts LP]
Salem Trials – Vegaville [Vegaland LP]
Resplandor – Tristeza [Tristeza LP]
The Todds – Freedom is Slavery [Orwellian LP]
Loose Fit – Potential Things [Social Graces LP]
Local Tourist – Alive [Other Ways of Living LP]
Lawn – Down [Bigger Sprout LP]
Golden Apples – Secret Life [Golden Apples LP]
The Stroppies – The Bell [Levity LP]
DARLING. – Isolating [Illusions / Isolating single]
High Vis – Talk For Hours [single]
Flaming Top Hat – Dermatology Lawsuit [Melodicized!EP]
Self Help – get evil [single]
Naked Lungs – Why Do People Change? [single]

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  1. First time caller! Thanks so much for playing our track! I’ve become slightly addicted to your ‘cast; I’ve already picked up a handful of new favourites that I otherwise would definitely not have heard. Excellent. 10/10

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