A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

London Plane – Come Out Of The Dark [Bright Black LP]
Fat Earthers – Oil Race [Bored LP]
Gorgeous Bully – nothing comes to nothing [am i really going to die here LP]
Shoulder Season – Dominoes [Not the Time LP]
Apollo Ghosts – Soft American [Pink Tiger LP]
Équipe de Foot – Melancholy Eyes [Geranium LP]
Deliluh – Syndicate II [Fault Lines LP]
Breakup Haircut – Out Of My Way (I’m Not Getting On The Nightbus) [Punk Dancing for Self Defence LP]
Horse Jumper of Love – Velcro [Natural Part LP]
Shalom – Agnes [Bad To The Bone / Agnes single]
Petrol Girls – Clowns [Baby LP]
Heliocentric Overdrive – Disrupter [Weightless LP]
HotWax – Barbie (Not Yours) [single]
Hallan – Sich Übergeben [single]
Ganser – People Watching [Nothing You Do Matters LP]
Automatic – Lucy [Excess LP]
ENTROPY – Death Spell [Death Spell EP]
The Prize – Easy Way Out [Wrong Side of Town EP]
Loveboner – Just Wanna Pat Your Dog [Loveboner Are Reinventing Oral Sex LP]
Graywave – Red [Rebirth LP]
The Strangerz – Shut Up! [single]
Seasoning – Loop Song [The Condensation EP]
Adwaith – Oren [Bato Mato LP]
Of House – We Found Home [Ripoffs LP]
Pilod – Future looks bright [single]
DARLING. – Midnight [single]
M(h)aol – Bored of Men [single]
The Murlocs – Virgin Criminal [Rapscallion LP]
Leathered – Superstitious [A Reckoning LP]
Launder – Parking Lot [Happening LP]
Gleemer – Valentine [Here at All LP]
Andy Bell – Light Flight [Lifeline EP]
SHEAFS – A Reverie [A Happy Medium LP]
Ben Shemie – The Other Being [Desiderata LP]
Modern Woman – Ford [single]
Free Time – That’s Rare [Jangle Jargon LP]
Emily Fairlight / The Shifting Sands – Get You [Sun Casts a Shadow LP]

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