Live session from Nodzzz at Market Hotel, NYC. Courtesy of

…and on with the show..

Oblisk-Epicenter [Weather Patterns LP]
Cold Cave-Love Comes Close [Death Comes Close ep]
Nephu Huzzband-Papers [Elementary LP]
Johnny Foreigner-Custom Scenes And The Parties That Make Them [Grace And The Bigger Picture LP]
Grooms-She-Bears [Rejoicer LP]
Matt Bartram-Shadows [Left To Memory LP]
Not Cool-Um, You Didnt Do That In Soundcheck…. [Wonderful beasts 7″]
Mannequin Men-Chopper [Lose Your Illusion Two LP]
Daily Bread-Ghost Suits [Well, You’re Not Invited LP]
Nirvana-Molly’s Lips Bleach: Deluxe Edition LP]
Nirvana-The Money Will Roll Right In [Live At Reading LP]
Githead-Over The Limit [Landing LP]
North Atlantic Oscillation-77 Hours (Engineers Mix) [Call Signs EP]
Kids Love Lies-Under The Bed [single]
Christmas Island-Nineteen [Nineteen 7″]
Comanechi-Mesmerising Fingers [Crime Of Love LP]
Paper Planes-Doris Day [single]
The Procedure Club-Turn Your Boat Away [Music For The Leisure Time LP]
Soft Tags-Dig the Beret [Blue House LP]
Strawberry Whiplash-Hay In A Needlestack [Picture Perfect Ep]
Surfer Blood-Take it Easy [Astrocoast LP]
Wetdog-Tidy Up Your Bedroom [Frauhaus! LP]