Live session this week from White Hills recorded at Glasslands
Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download]

…and on with the show featuring a brief blast though some record store day releases…oh I love the smell of vinyl in the morning….

The Black Angels – I’d Rather Be Lonely [Watch Out Boy / I’d Rather Be Lonely 7″]
The Fall – Victrola Time [Night Of The Humerons 7″]
Starfucker – Bury Us Alive (Skeletron Mix)  [Heaven’s Youth (Reptilians Demos) 10″]
Miles Kane – First Of My Kind  [First Of My Kind 7″]
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra-Polly [Polly 7″] watch
Blitzen Trapper – Hey Joe  [Hey Joe 7″]
Deerhoof (With Of Montreal) – A Filthy Fifth [Deerhoof/Of Montreal split 7″]
Xiu Xiu – Always [Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches split 7″]
The Electronic Anthology Project –  Little Fury Things [Of Dinosaur Jr 10]
The Knack – Let Me Out (Live)  [Live In Los Angeles 1978 10″]
The Raveonettes – Night Comes Out  [Into The Night 7″ EP]
Led Er Est – The Gold Cane  [Todo Muere Vol. 2 LP]
Slug Guts – Adult Living   [Todo Muere Vol. 2 ]
Toy Love  – Sheep [Live At The Gluepot LP]

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