Human Pleasure radio 11th March 2024….a massive advantage this time.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Chalk – Claw [Conditions II EP]
Girls In Synthesis – Lights Out [Sublimation LP]
Obscura Hail – Paper Rock [Playing Dead LP]
Oort Clod – Car Talk [Cult Value LP]
Aus – Zugvögel [Der Schöne Schein EP]
Blushing – Tamagotchi [Sugercoat LP]
Deep Tunnel Project – Connector [Deep Tunnel Project LP]
DIIV – Soul-net [Frog In Boiling Water LP]
Liquid Images – French Hotel [Liquid Images CS]
Paycheque – When You Are Around [single]
Quiz Show – Super Concrete [Flotsam EP]
Solder – Cpu [Trying World LP]
Talking to Shadows – Tears [single]
Then Comes Silence – Ride or Die [Trickery LP]
GHLOW – Dust [Levitate LP]
Hanemoon – Why Don’t You Walk Away [Rain or Shine LP]
Velvet – Spiral [Romance LP]
Nightbus – Average Boy [Exposed to Some Light / Average Boy EP]
Thee Alcoholics – It’s So Easy [Feedback LP]
Glitterer – It’s My Turn [Rationale LP]
Mean Jeans – Lost My Mind [Blasted LP]
Modern English – Plastic [1 2 3 4 LP]
Sachet – Redecabbaged [The Seeing Machine LP]
Scran – Reveal The Optimist [To Your Heart’s Content LP]
TTSSFU – Character [Me, Jed and Andy LP]
Crawlers – Lucy [The Mess We Seem to Make LP]
Torrey – Happy You Exist [Torrey LP]
Tomato Flower – Radical [No LP]
The Pheromoans – A Brash Child [Wyrd Psearch LP]
Dartz – Flat Inspection [Dangerous Day To Be A Cold One LP]
Late Bloomer – Birthday [Another One Again LP]
Punchlove – Breeze [Channels LP]
Tanks And Tears – Timewave [Timewave LP]
The Terrys – Head Noise [Skate Pop LP]
Sweet Williams – What You Won’t Eat (Iker Ormazabal Remix) [Much Redder Too (Iker Ormazabal Remixes) EP]
Uranium Club – Abandoned by the Narrator [Infants Under The Bulb LP]
The Bevis Frond – Jack Immortal [Focus On Nature LP]
Autogramm – Diana [Diana b/w Licht single]
Cloud Nothings – Final Summer [Final Summer LP]

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