A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

10 000 Russos – Runnin’ Escapin’ [Kompromat LP]
Shoddy – Hiding Like Hades [Single]
Girl Band – Caveat [The Talkies LP]
Routine Death – Tubeway Revolution [2 Weeks to 4 Months LP]
808’s & Greatest Hits – Money Man [Cabin Vibes LP]
Corridor – Goldie [Junior LP]
R. Elizabeth – Spiritual To Symphony [Every And All We Voyage On LP]
BLOOD-VISIONS – 01604Ever [Single]
Pavlov’s Puss – Look Smart, Talking About Art [Comfort Food LP]
TOOMS – Episodes [Dry EP]
God Damn – Dreamers [Single]
Papertwin – Happy Half Lives [Family Portraits LP]
Wished Bone – Hold Me [Sap Season LP]
Audra – Wish No Harm [Dear Tired Friends LP]
Automatic – Electrocution [Signal LP]
Young Guv – She’s A Fantasy [GUV II LP]
Elizabeth II – No One Cares  [Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five LP]
Vivian Girls – All Your Promises [Memory LP]
The Muffs – On My Own [No Holiday LP]
The Yummy Fur – In the Company of Women [Piggy Wings LP]
7AM – Your Opinion [Benefit for Iggy´s shirt LP]
Weeping Icon – Like Envy [Control LP]
Pom Pom Squad – Honeysuckle [Ow LP]
WIVES – Servants [So Removed LP]
Rat Fancy – Finely Knitted [Stay Cool LP]
Peter Jefferies – Cyclone Dawn [Last Ticket Home LP]

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