Human Pleasure radio 26th February 2024….lately you are only out in the dark.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Ryann Gonsalves – Feeder Fish [Ouch! CS]
Kelley Stoltz – Reni’s Car [La Fleur LP]
Mal Ride – The Van Went Adrift [Chimera Landscape LP]
Amos The Kid – Enough as it Was [Enough as it Was LP]
Broken Arrow – Wild Fire [Broken Arrow LP]
Rick White – Fields Of Me [De-Evolution EP]
SWiiMS – Chemical [Into the Blue Night LP]
Sluice – Mill [Radial Gate LP]
Borough Council – Casino [single]
K5 – Proximity [Proximity LP]
Tummyache – Safe Word [single]
VR Sex – Real Doll Time [Hard Copy LP]
Drahla – Second Rhythm [angeltape LP]
Fran Ashcroft – Waiting for the Britpop Revival [Waiting for the Britpop Revival LP]
Hooper Crescent – Master Disruptor [Essential Tremors LP]
Horsebeach – In The Shadow Of Her [Things To Keep Alive LP]
Instigators – No Evidence [The Best of Instigators — Auckland Ska Punk 1981-1982 LP]
Kodaclips – Gone Is The Day [singel]
Mama Zu – Lip [Quilt Floor LP]
TTSSFU – I Hope You Die [Me, Jed and Andy LP]
Whitelands – Cheer [Night-bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day LP]
S:Bahn – Disney Princesses (Susan Says) [Love Songs LP]
Talk Show – Got Sold [Effigy LP]
Mowbird – From Fries To Guys [Quest LP]
The Sleazoids – VHS Death [The Cult of the Sleazoids LP]
Moon Goose – 2023 AD [Murmurations LP]
J. Robbins – Sonder [Basilisk LP]
Glasszone – Elusive Thoughts [Sleeping Flowers LP]
Legless Trials – Don’t Fall Down and Hurt Yourself [Get Yer Wah Wah’s Out!LP]
Alien Nosejob – The Executioner [Cold Bare Facts single]
Prize Horse – Rev [Under Sound LP]
Lime Garden – I Want To Be You [One More Thing LP]
Idles – Hall & Oates [Tangk LP]
Cherym – AW TYSM [Take It Or Leave It LP]
Ballon D’Essai – Armchair Tourist [Woot! is the Word LP]
Savage Mansion – O Sister [The Shakes LP]
Bilk – RNR [single]
shopfires – Never Once Been Asked [Shopfires LP]

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