A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Arborist – Dreaming in Another Language [An Endless Sequence of Dead Zeros LP]
The Areola Treat – Into My Shadow [Into My Shadow EP]
Body Type – Miss The World [Expired Candy LP]
Ghosts on TV – Sunshine [Ghosts on TV LP]
Glazyhaze – A Glimpse of Light [Single]
The Golden Dregs – Vista [On Grace & Dignity LP]
In Silo – Second Time [single]
Jonsjooel – Lullaby [single]
Nabihah Iqbal – This World Couldn’t See Us [DREAMER LP]
Nanna – Crybaby [Crybaby EP]
Whadya Want? – Lonely [Skippy Knows LP]
Thick Paint – I Can Only Count Thee Ways [I Can Only Count Thee Ways EP]
Tape Runs Out – Paperback [Floodhead LP]
Spiral XP – Free Thinking [It’s Been a While LP]
Powder Pink & Sweet – Grey Day [Little Stories LP]
ES – Swallowed Whole [Fantasy LP]
Me Lost Me – Eye Witness [RPG LP]
Wolf Manhattan – Want To Go Back [Wolf Manhattan LP]
Disintegration – carry with you [Time Moves for Me EP]
Quiz Show – Almost Famous [Quiz Show LP]
Mark Peters – Magic Hour [The Magic Hour EP]
American Grandma – Hope Loop [Rare Knives of Light LP]
Glow In The Dark Flowers – Still Close To Me [Glow In The Dark Flowers LP]
The New Pornographers – Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies [Continue as a Guest LP]
Stuck – The Punisher [Freak Frequency LP]
Treeboy & Arc – Retirement [Natural Habitat LP]
Kosaya Gora – Te Slova [Kosogor LP]
The Sprouts – I Hear Music [Eat Your Greens LP]
Spice World – Decorated Boy Scout [There’s No I In Spice World LP]
The True Faith – Before Now [Go to Ground LP]
The Smashing Times – Echoes, The Golden Mare [Bloom LP]
Man Or Astro-Man? – Signal Intrusions [Distant Pulsar EP]
Lauds – Distant Images [Imitation Life LP]

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