Human Pleasure radio 8th April 2024…..chill out at the back.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

A Place To Bury Strangers – I Can Never Be As Great As You [Chasing Colours / I Can Never Be As Great As You 7″]
New Age Healers – The Spin Out [The Spin Out LP]
Sweet Williams – Settlement (All Structures Align Remix) [All Of The Time At Once (All Structures Align, Alessia Lee & Aukio and Andrew Clare Remixes)EP]
Vial – Chronic Illness Flareups [Burnout LP]
Vial – Therapy Pt. III [Burnout LP]
Vial – Just Fine [Burnout LP]
Caleb Landry Jones – Useless [Hey Gary, Hey Dawn LP]
Cranes – New Liberty [Fuse LP]
Objections – Idiot Fill [Optimistic Sizing LP]
Melkbelly – Precious Cargo [KMS Express single]
Black Nite Crash – Signals [Signal to Noise LP]
The Bordellos – Even Evil Men Fall In Love [I Promise Never To Make Art Again LP]
Medicine – Some Other Guy [On the Bed LP]
Chew Magna – Punk Dick [Chew Magna LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Dead Streets [Coat of Arms LP]
Majesty Crush – Uma [Butterflies Don’t Go Away LP]
Porcine – Layaway [Porcine LP]
Rosie Tucker – Maylene [Utopia Now! LP]
31Ø8 – Automaton [Clone / Numb / Automaton EP]
gglum – SPLAT! [The Garden Dream LP]
The Asteroid No.4 – Dandelion Tremble
Borough Council – Prescribed [single]
Mammoth Penguins – Species [Here LP]
Bedbug – Great Bonfire [Pack Your Bags The Sun Is Growing LP]
Holy Esque – Suffocation Slow [Lay My Head Down Slow LP]
C Turtle – Shake It Down [Expensive Thrills LP]
Tomato Flower – Radical [No LP]
Yosa Peit – World Eaters [Gut Buster LP]
Two Headed Horse – Shimmer [single]
Way Dynamic – Material [single]
The Jonny Halifax Invocation – Cosmic Fanfare [Açid Blüüs Räägs Vol.2 LP]
Chances Are – Dining Room, 2001 [Asleep At The Wheel Of Love EP]
Cosmit – Punisher [Still Cosmit EP]
Drill – Rocks [Permanent LP]
Girls In Synthesis – Deceit [Sublimation LP]
I Hate My Village – Water Tanks [Single]
Les Savy Fav – Limo Scene [OUI, LSF LP]
Marcel Wave – Barrow Boys [Something Looming LP]
Peter Bibby – Fun Guy [Drama King LP]
Superfan – 75 Germany [single]
Vanishing Muffins – Polarized [Central LP]

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