A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Parsnip – Turn to Love [Behold LP]
Luiz Bruno – Marathon Mike [Chicken Dinner LP]
Jim Nothing – Easter at the RSC [single]
Joy Dimmers – Stare [single]
JW Paris – Who Are You? [single]
Melvins – Allergic To Food [Tarantula Heart LP]
S Bahn – Could Be Mine [Love Songs LP]
Strange Dream – Lyin’ Down Reloaded [single]
USA Nails – Beautiful Eyes [Feel Worse LP]
VELCROS – Troubled Mind [Strange News from the Vault LP]
VR Sex – Hush Money Millionaire [Hard Copy LP]
The Blamers – Sex Trail [Class Living LP]
Laudanum – Lost Together [As Black As My Heart LP]
The Folk Implosion – Natural One (2023 Live Session) [Music for KIDS LP]
Annie Taylor – Push Me [Inner Smile LP]
Castlebeat – Sick [Nothing LP]
San Tropez – Phase You Out [Maybe Tomorrow LP]
Dancer – International Birdman [10 Songs I Hate About You LP]
Pinhdar – Humans [A Sparkle On The Dark Water LP]
Circolo Vizioso – Wer Schuld Ist [Verrueckt LP]
Footballhead – Like A Blister [Overthinking Everything LP]
Church Chords – Recent Mineral [elvis, he was Schlager LP]
Late Bloomer – Face [Another One Again LP]
Flowertown – The Ring [Tourist Language LP]
C Turtle – Melvin Said This [Expensive Thrills LP]
Feral Family – It’s All Us [Without Motion LP]
Drunk Mums – Not My Dad [Beer Baby LP]
Die Spitz – Hair of Dog [Teeth EP]
Local Authority – All Grown Up [single]
Spectres – AM Gold [Presence LP]
Lysistrata – See Through [Veil LP]
Lurve – Orchid Flowers [Run, Get Drunk & Fall in Love Again LP]
Library Card – Well, Actually [Nothing, Interesting LP]
Kilgour – Feel The Weight [How To Put Your Hat On LP]
Fräulein – Feels Like Flying (Day) [Feels Like Flying EP]
deary – Want You [single]
Marbled Eye – Another Year [Read The Air LP]
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Learning to Love a Band [Unwishing Well LP]

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