A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Endless Valley – Ruskin [Nayivada LP]
Boris – Beyond Good And Evil [W LP]
Heart Shaped – No Contact [No Contact LP]
Kleenex Girl Wonder – High Touch Consumer Wizard [Accept the Mystery LP]
IST IST – Watching You Watching Me [The Art Of Lying LP]
Good Good Blood – A Clean Slate [The Dizzying Parade LP]
Elephant Stone – La Fusée Du Chagrin [Le Voyage De M. Lonely Dans La Lune LP]
Tanya Tagaq – Do Not Fear Love [Tongues LP]
SIS – Double Rapture [Gnani LP]
Tics – Marsh Meadows Mother Of Pearl [Group Therapy Product LP]
Tunic – Reward Of Nothing [Quitter LP]
The Waltz – Red-Orange Moon [The Waltz LP]
Psymon Spine – Mr. Metronome [Mr. Metronome / Drums Valentino 7″]
She Drew The Gun – Class War (How Much) [Behave Myself LP]
Boyracer – Larkin [Under The Bridge LP]
The Catenary Wires – Wall Of Sound [Under The Bridge LP]
Even As We Speak – Begins Goodbye [Under The Bridge LP]
The Luxembourg Signal – Travel Through Midnight [Under The Bridge LP]
Heavy Meddo – Never Never Never Never [Grimmest Purple Patch LP]
Mule Jenny – Cross The Line [All These Songs Of Love And Death LP]
Ghost Cop – You Can Never Go Home [You Can Never Go Home LP]
Bloodslide – Trap Door [Bloodslide LP]
Enola Gay – Scrappers [Gransha EP]
Witches Broom – Tell Your Boyfriend [Witches Broom LP]
24/7 Diva Heaven – Potface [Stress LP]
Hello Cosmos – Hard enough to start with [Golden Dirt LP]
Fightmilk – The Absolute State Of Me [Contender LP]
Brix Smith & Marty Willson-Piper – Orangina [Lost Angeles LP]
Dani Larkin – Bloodthirsty [Notes For A Maiden Warrior LP]
Kim Normal – Heart to Heart [Picturesque LP]
Liiek – System [Deep Pore LP]
Present Electric – The Smudge [The Continuous Monument LP]
Sei Still – Exilio [El Refugio LP]

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