A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Chappaqua Wrestling – Full Round Table [single]
Kitchen’s Floor – Haunted Houses [None Of That LP]
Midding – Figurehead [single]
Nerves – Seconds To The Hour [single]
Pale Blue Eyes – Globe [Souvenirs LP]
Divorce – Pretty [single]
Pure Adult – The Power of Incredible Violence Part III [single]
The Orchids – This Boy is A Mess [single]
Forever Era – Patterns Per Partition [Forever Era LP]
CLAMM – Monday [Care LP]
Cat SFX – Binman [single]
The Glass Picture – Stairwell [The Glass Picture LP]
Slagheap – Destination Boyfriend [Appetites LP]
Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me [Stumpwork LP]
Crime Of Passing – Vision Talk [Crime Of Passing LP]
Kamikaze Nurse – Stimuloso [Stimuloso LP]
Σtella – Another Nation [Up and Away LP]
Nastyjoe – Resign [Deep Side Of Happiness LP]
Baston – Zodiac [La Martyre LP]
Girls In Synthesis – The Engine [Konsumrausch EP]
MELTS – Spectral [Maelstrom LP]
Breakup Haircut – Marie Kondo [Punk Dancing for Self Defence LP]
Crime Of Passing – Damrak [Crime Of Passing LP]
Deliluh – Credence (Ash In The Winds Of Reason) [Fault Lines LP]
Dion Lunadon – By My Side [Beyond Everything LP]
Elephant Gym – Witches [Dreams LP]
No Knuckle – Patience [No Knuckle LP]
Panda Riot – E.S.P. [Extra Cosmic LP]
sassyhiya – On our way [gum demos EP]
USELESS USERS – On A Corner [We Are All LP]
Équipe de Foot – Geranium [Geranium LP]
Social Union – Fall Into Me [single]
100% – Prisoner [Clear Visions LP]
The Inflorescence – The Button [Remember What I Look Like LP]
Perspex – Eco Funeral [Perspex LP]
COCAINE PISS – Castle Vanilla [single]

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