A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Radiation Flowers – Sunrise [Summer Loop LP]
Coca Leaf – Riding Ice [Deep Marble Sunrise LP]
Controlled Bleeding – Carving Song (Weasel Walter Remix) [Carving Songs LP]
Black Mekon – Janey Was A Klepto [One In The Hate LP]
Guided By Voices – Paper Cutz ]How Do You Spell Heaven LP]
Katie Ellen – Houses Into Homes [Cowgirl Blues LP]
Crown Larks – React [Population LP]
End Credits – Peugeot [Reruns LP]
Holiday Ghosts – Quiet Carriage [Holiday Ghosts LP]
Madonnatron – Headless Children [Madonnatron/No Friendz Split single]
Breakfast Muff – Raspberry Pavlova [Eurgh! LP]
El Yunque – Boxes [Boxes LP]
Ice Balloons – Calypso Heartworm [Ice Balloons LP]
Sheer Mag – Turn It Up [Need To Feel Your Love LP]
Beaches – Arrow [Second Of Spring LP]
Couch Slut – Funeral Dyke [Contempt LP]
Housewives – Excerpt 4 [FF061116 LP]
Dreams Are Like Water – (Thrice) In Blood [A Sea-Spell EP]
Seasurfer – We Run (live) [Live In The Headlights LP]
Shiny Coin – Do You [Split Tape with Spit]
Spit – $420 [Split Tape with Shiny Coin]
Der Plan – Wat’s Dat? [Noise Reduction System LP]
Minny Pops – Son [Noise Reduction System LP]
Walt Rockman – Plancton [Noise Reduction System LP]
Yello – Glue Head [Noise Reduction System LP]
Milky Wimpshake – Putting Things Right [Indietracks Compilation 2017 LP]
The Just Joans – Shut Your Big Fat Mouth [Indietracks Compilation 2017 LP]
Pillow Queens – Rats [Indietracks Compilation 2017 LP]

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