A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Miserable – Violet [Uncontrollable LP]
Flat Worms – Red Hot Sand [Red Hot Sand EP]
Arbor Labor Union – Hello Transmission [I Hear You LP]
Civil Union – Dress For Success [Seasick, Lovedrunk LP]
A Grave With No Name – Wedding Dress [Wooden Mask LP]
Pale Dian – Pas De Deux [Narrow Birth LP]
Mock Orange – I’m Leaving [Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse LP]
Exploded View – Orlando [Exploded View LP]
Mourn – Second Sage [Ha, Ha, He. LP]
Spooky Cigarette – Oh Well [As Loud As I Can LP]
Mitski – Happy [Puberty 2 LP]
Dinosaur Jr. – Tiny [Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not LP]
Cat Be Damned – Pretty Heavy [Daydreams In A Roach Motel LP]
Tibet – In My Head [Above The Moon LP]
Giant Peach – Snake [Tarantula LP]
Invisible Threads – Machine Is Dead [Oxide CS]
Post Pink – Socks [I Believe You, Ok LP]
Beach Skulls – Heavy Pound [Slow Grind LP]
Cloud Becomes Your Hand – Rest In Fleas [Rest In Fleas LP]
Orchestra Of Spheres – Trapdoors [Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon LP]
Synthetic ID – The Caged Brain [Impulses LP]
Flasher – Erase Myself [Flasher CS]
Fire To The Stars – Stay Down [Made Of Fire LP]
Grieving – Ownership [Demo]
Pinkwash – Longer Now [Collective Sigh LP]
Mrs Magician – Eyes All Over Town [Bermuda LP]
Plush – Go2bed [Please LP]
Yak – Use Somebody [Alas Salvation LP]

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