A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

AUA – Islands Song (feat. Anika) [The Damaged Organ LP]
Foxtails – Space Orphan [Fawn LP]
Mug – Connection [Mug CS]
Nobody’s Flowers – Headfirst [Nobody’s Flowers LP]
Deserta – I’m so Tired [Every Moment, Everything You Need LP]
career – Microwave [Letting Out The Slack EP]
Loose Fit – Exhale [Single ]
Inca Babies – Crawling Garage Gasoline [Swamp Street Soul LP]
Traffik Island – You Do, Don’t You? [A Shrug of The Shoulders LP]
Seagoth – Find The Time [Eternity EP]
Kids On A Crime Spree – When Can I See You Again? [Fall In Love Not In Line LP]
Porto Geese – Flower [Duck LP]
Artsick – Despise [Fingers Crossed LP]
Blonder – Ice Cream Girl [Knoxville House LP]
Power Supply – Ps3 [In The Time Of Sabre-Toothed Tiger LP]
Deerhoof – We Grew, And We Were Astonished [Actually, You Can LP]
Permafrost – Restore Us [Restore Us LP]
The Backlash – Rise [single]
Horse Show – Used To [Falsterbo LP]
After Daylight – Breaking Through The Night [Falling Out Of Time LP]
Sine – Communion [Desire, Denial, And Paramania LP]
The Kundalini Genie – Half In, Half out [Half In, Half Out LP]
Goya – Format [Being Earnest EP]
Mildred Maude – Chemo Brain [Sleepover LP]
Geese – Bottle [Projector LP]

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