A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

The Toads – Ex Kgb [Nationalsville LP]
Yuvees – Penny Farm [single]
Expensive Music Band – RNR Cliche [Things to Say at a Barbecue LP]
The Chelsea Curve – How Can I (Resist You) [single]
Jo Bartlett – Floating Through [single]
My Name Is Ian – Thank You [single]
Party Pest – Party Pest Theme [single]
Body Horror – Bedwetter [single]
Self-Immolation Music – New Alchemy [Infinity Trip LP]
Dippers – Encouragement in Brackets [Clastic Rock LP]
Heavy Lungs – All Gas No Brakes [single]
Landowner – Beyond the Darkened Library [Escape the Compound LP]
Naked Lungs – Relentless [single]
Opus Kink – Children [My Eyes, Brother! EP]
Big Special – Shithouse (Live) [single]
Cult Nonsense – In the Yeah [Vol 1 LP]
Goodbye Karelle – Sneakers [Hugh Greene & the Lucies Made Me LP]
The Julies – Symmetry [single]
Life Coach – Danny, Champion of the World [Scottish Cringe LP]
Only Fools and Corpses – SWEDE [PISSANT LP]
Telescreens – Lost [single]
Waste Man – Luck Merchant [Waste Man EP]
Dippers – Encouragement in Brackets [Clastic Rock LP]
The Poison Arrows – Glassed by the Gilded Age [Crime and Soda LP]
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Arco [Datura LP]
SGO – Pieces of You [single]
K M T P – 2/45 (Getting Old) [With Love, K M T P LP]
Body Horror – Bedwetter [single]
ON – Make Me [single]
Girls Under Glass – Tanz Im Neonlicht [Backdraft LP]
Self Immolation Music – Kaleidoscope [Infinity Trip LP]
Fish Leg – …Flx [Lux Does The Flux LP]
feeble little horse – Tin Man [Girl With Fish LP]
Codex Serafini – I Am Sorrow, I Am Lust [The Imprecation Of Anima EP]
Public Body – Driven By Data [Big Mess LP]

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