A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Rmftm – Drunk With God [Subversive III: De Spelende Mens LP]
Amusement Parks On Fire – Black Beacon Sound [Our Goal To Realise 7”]
Holy Motors – Honeymooning [Slow Sundown LP]
Oh Well, Goodbye – And Ease [Affinity: Part I EP]
On The Wane – Fear [Schism EP]
A Million Machines – The Ritual [A Million Machines LP]
Screature – North Of Order [Old Hand New Wave LP]
Bethlehem Steel – Untitled Entitlement [Party Naked Forever LP]
Bonny Doon – Never Been To California [Bonny Doon LP]
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Solo [Something Evil LP]
The Perfect English Weather – Still [English Winter EP]
Nice Knees – SSS [Falling Into Sand LP]
No Sister – Satellite Power [The Second Floor LP]
Spinning Coin – Raining On Hope Street [Permo LP]
Cock & Swan – What Was Life? (What’s Your Problem?) [Dream Alone LP]
Darlene Shrugg – National Security [Darlene Shrugg LP]
RVG – Heart Paste [A Quality Of Mercy LP]
Shybaby – Cigarettes [PBR Tallbetch EP]
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate – Wasted All The Time [Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom LP]
Silent Forum – Who’s Going To Side With Me [Sanctuary LP]
Husky Loops – Re-Collect [EP2]
Strange Ranger – Everything All At Once [Daymoon LP]
Living Eyes – Horseplay [Modern Living LP]
Rakta – Atrativos Da Mentira [Oculto Pelos Seres LP]
Suggested Friends – Motherfucking Tree [Suggested Friend EP]
The Gotobeds – I Hate My School [Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP]
The Golden Boys – Lonely Girls [Better Than Good Times LP]
Posse – Trapped [Horse Blanket LP]
Iguana Death Cult – Sad White Dreams [Sad White Dreams LP]

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