Live session this week from DIIV recorded at Union Square Ballroom for CMJ 2012. Via KEXP

…and on with the show…  

HTRK  – Synthetik   [Part Time Punks Sessions EP]
Nu SensaeSpit Gifting    [Sundowning LP] 
PeaceYour Hand In Mine    [The World Is Too Much With Us LP] 
The Soft Moon Insides    [Zeros LP] stream
Dead SkeletonsDead Is God    [Ord EP]
Total Control – Scene From A Marriage    [Sub Pop single] 
Crooked BangsBlood Castle    [Crooked Bangs LP] 
Bo Ningen32 Kaiten    [Line The Wall LP] 
BlacklistersI Can Confirm That Ruth Abigail Holmes Is Not Dead And Is Planning To Make A Movie About Her Life    [Blklstrs LP] 
PairsLv Farmer Gangster    [Grandparent EP] freedownload
Shiny DarklyYou Feel Like You Should    [Shiny Darkly Ep] 
The BarbarasDevour The Jungle Deer    [The Barbaras 2006 – 2008 LP] 
The LegsDriving Me Insane    [The New Memphis Legs LP] 
Silver SwansSecrets    [Forever LP] 
Your YouthFresh Film    [Battery LP] 
Gum I Don’t Mind    [Seventeen tape]

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