A world wide indie tour…we are all over the place!!

Live sessions from WOXY.com at SXSW

All The Saints-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Closer Owner
Now Boy
Regal Regalia

French Miami-Live On WOXY.com SXSW 2009 Session

Science Fiction
Multi-Caliber Rifles
Lil’ Rabbits
Goddamn Best

…and on with the show..

Alec Empire-The Ride (Live)[Shivers LP]
Lesser Panda-Carousel [Ghostdance/Carousel Single]
Mon-O-Phone-Evil Woman [Mon-O-Phone LP]
Stellarium-Vertigo [myspace]
The Naked Hearts-Call Me [These Knees EP]
Joe Gideon & The Shark-Dol [Harum Scarum LP]
Fighting With Wire-Sugar [single]
Gun Outfit-Had Enough [Dim Light LP]
The Gares-Loaded Gun [myspace]
Manicure-Magic Is Shit [Manicure LP
Nothing People-When I Drink [Late Night LP
Right Turn Left-Lost At Sea [Take a Look Outside EP]
The Wooden Birds-Afternoon In Bed (The Bats) [Not Given Lightly LP
Tin Can Telephone-Recycling Is Cool [The Kruger Singles Club]
Art Brut-Summer Job [Art Brut Vs. Satan LP]
The Breeders-Fate To Fatal [Fate To Fatal EP]
The Heads-U33 [Irrepressible LP]
Future Of The Left-I Am Civil Service [Travels With Myself And Another LP]

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