A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Boris – Absolutego [Dear LP]
The Radiation Flowers – Never Fade [Split LP]
Meatraffle – Brother (Vito Edit) [Brother single]
Guided By Voices – Just To Show You [How Do You Spell Heaven LP]
Greatoutdoors – Keep Your Focus [Fake News LP]
Otherkin – React [OK LP]
Plyers – God Growth [Clear LP]
Mere Women – Drive [Big Skies LP]
Au.Ra – Black Hole [Cultivations LP]
Chain Of Flowers – Let Your Light In [Let Your Light In BW Flesh, Blood And Bone 7″]
Cattle – Twisterella [Slow Sailor EP]
Kane Strang – It’S Not That Bad [Two Hearts And No Brain LP]
Honkies – Entitled To Nothing [Entitled To Nothing/Moving To Berlin single]
Iss – I Hate People My Age [Endless Pussyfooting LP]
Krimewatch – Coward [Krimewatch EP]
Sewers – Invisible Hand [single]
Dasher – Sodium [Sodium LP]
Batpiss – You And Me [Rest In Piss LP]
Arrows Of Love – Signal (Redux Version) [Product LP]
Housewives – Exc. 281016 [Split 7″]
Nine Inch Nails – Not Anymore [Add Violence EP]
The Diaphanoids – Blessed Poisons [Blessed Poisons LP}
Amateur Childbirth – All Doomed [Your Afterlife Is Cancelled LP]
Dion Lunadon – Eliminator [Dion Lunadon LP]
Polarnecks – Pretty [Polarpricks split EP]
Police Des Moeurs – Impasse [Dédales LP]
Pregnant – Wimp [Duct Tape LP]
A Deer A Horse – Once Or Twice [Backswimmer EP]

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