A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Blacklisters – Leisure Centre [Leisure Centre EP]
Fime – White Collar Gold [Sweeter LP]
neon KITTENS – Nil By Vein [House of The Devil EP]
Womb – The Dove [Dreaming of the Future Again LP]
Mini Miller – Early Bones [single]
Jim Nothing – Nowhere Land [In The Marigolds LP]
Sniffany & The Nits – Frogs Legs [The Unscratchable Itch LP]
Winged Wheel – Monsella [No Island LP]
Theatre Royal – Talking To Tracey [Beneath The Floor LP]
The People’s Pleasure Grounds – Human Bats [The People’s Pleasure Grounds LP]
THICK – Something Went Wrong [Happy Now LP]
Oneida – Rotten [Success LP]
Clamm – I Can Do It [Care LP]
100% – Belonging [Clear Visions LP]
Minami Deutsch – Whereabouts [Fortune Goodies LP]
Order Of The Toad – Subteranean [Spirit Man LP]
Blackberries – Vorwärts [Vorwaerts Rueckwaerts LP]
Enablers – Monkey to Man [Some Gift LP]
Dead Rabbits – Free [A Different Place LP]
Animal Ghosts – Always [Wallow LP]
Tramhaus – Make It Happen [Rotterdam EP]
Landlords – Clover [Codeine EP]
Robert Sotelo – Garden Ceremonial [Indoors LP]
The Brights – Pang of Love. [The Wind and Other Things / Through the Trampoline LP]
Tin-Ear – Star Song [Cadastral Maps LP]
The Umlauts – Frightened [Another Fact LP]
Joyeria – Colour Film [FIM LP]
Minimal Schlager – Ridiculous [Love, Sex & Dreams LP]
Pulled Apart By Horses – Positive Place [Reality Cheques LP]
Milly – The End [Eternal Ring LP]
Expert Timing – Life In Pictures [Stargazing LP]
They Are Gutting a Body of Water – kmart amen break [S LP]
Fazerdaze – Come Apart [Break! EP]
Poster Paints – Falling Hard [Poster Paints LP]
Heaven For Real – Wait In The Doorway [Energy Bar LP]

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