A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Squid – The Dial [single]
Bokonon – Wayside [Atlast EP]
The Angel Makers – Kill the World [Sam and Sara EP]
Straight Arrows – 21st Century [On Top EP]
Warm Drag – No Body [Warm Drag LP]
Ben Woods – Lozenge [Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition CD]
Brian Tamaki and the Kool-Aid Kids – Tunnel Vision [Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition CD]
PGX – Mopeds [Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition CD]
Terra Pines – Dream Big [Terra Pines LP]
Miss World – Diet Coke Head [Keeping Up With Miss World LP]
Muncie Girls – Picture of Health [Fixed Ideals LP]
School Damage – Forgetting Song [A to X LP]
Coronation – Two Lovers [PDX Pop Now! 2018 CD]
Months – Gruesome [PDX Pop Now! 2018 CD]
The Dumpies – Kenneth Lay Is Still Alive [PDX Pop Now! 2018 CD]
Mope Grooves – Old Friend (short edit) [PDX Pop Now! 2018 CD]
Baked – Hope You’re Happy [II CS]
Masses – Control [Masses EP]
Table Sugar – Millions Places [Collected Acknowledgements LP]
Olsen Twins – Cat And Dog [Cat, Rat And Dog CS]
Loose Tooth – Will You Evolve [Keep Up LP]
Idles – Television [Joy As An Act Of Resistance LP]
Big Supermarket – Peter [1800 LP]
Golden Drag – Bad Timing Neon Phase [Pink Sky LP]
The Love Coffin – Take Good Care Of Me [Cloudlands LP]
Our Girl – In My Head [Stranger Today LP]
Blank Realm – Lethal Prayer [Last Seen LP]
Fresh – Nighttime [Single LP]
Skyjelly – Peace Lowboost [Black Powder Sunrise Girl LP]

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