A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Well Wisher – Need You Around [That Weight LP]
theWorst – Serves You Rotten [Yes Regrets LP]
Mice Parade – Bushwick & Knoll [lapapọ LP]
Loveboner – Male (Now That’s What I Call Egg Punk) [Loveboner Are Reinventing Oral Sex LP]
No Museums – An Education [Pale Blue Eyes LP]
TWIN DRUGS – Dust Worship [In Now Less Than Ever LP]
Deer Scout – Breaking the Rock [Woodpecker LP]
Brace! Brace! – Age of Missing [Care LP]
White Suns – palermo catacombs [Dead Time LP]
SAVAK – Trashing The Ghost [Human Error/Human Delight LP]
Carla Geneve – The Right Reasons [Learn To Like It LP]
De Lux – Some Things Never Break [Do You Need A Release LP]
Psychic Graveyard – What Happens At Zero [Split 7″]
Bronze – Sweating Man [Absolute Compliance LP]
Joyride! – Flyover States [Miracle Question LP]
Little Bohemia – Crimson Rain [Behind The Disney Parade LP]
Loose Fit – Enemies [Social Graces LP]
Mall Girl – Close My Eyes [Superstar LP]
Crystal Eyes – Pretty Dumb [The Sweetness Restored LP]
Horseface – Surkee Marionetti [Sanakirjan Takana LP]
Marine Research – I Confess [Marine Research – John Peel session 18.05.99 EP]
Supercrush – Trophy [Melody Maker LP
Fanclubwallet – Jar [You Have Got To Be Kidding Me LP]
Bipolar Feminin – Fett [Piccolo Family LP]
Ghost Woman – All Your Love [Ghost Woman LP]
Martin Courtney – Exit Music [Magic Sign LP]
Flowertown – Beachwalkers [Half Yesterday LP]
Wireheads – Life After Winter [Potentially Venus LP]
Shht – Newsflash [Oh, Shht! LP]
Big Rig – Venus Retrograde [Big Rig LP]
No Museums – Shipwrecks At The End [Pale Blue Eyes LP]
Graywave – Red [Rebirth LP]
Colored Moth – New Blueprint [Inertia LP]
Pit Pony – Cold [World To Me LP]
Viagra Boys – Ain‘t No Thief [Cave World LP]
Atmos Bloom – Daisy [Flora LP]
comfort – My Bias [single]

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