Live session from Memory Tapes recorded at Bell House, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of

…and on with the show.

Coconuts-Dark World [Coconuts LP]
Ceremony-Cracked Sun [Someday/Cracked Sun 7″]
Foals-This Orient [Total Life Forever LP]
Crocodiles-Neon Jesus [Neon Jesus 7″]
Japanther-Spread So Thin [Rock’n’Roll Ice Cream LP]
Operator Please-Volcanic [Gloves LP]
Double Dagger-Pillow Talk [Masks LP]
Clipd Beaks-Strangler [To Realize LP]
Dum Dum Girls-I Will Be [I Will Be LP]
Parallels-Counterparts [Visionaries LP]
Explode Into Colors-Coffins [Quilts LP]
Keepaway-I Think About You All The Time [Baby Style EP]
Naked on the Vague-Chitty Chat [Chitty Chat 7″]
Ono Palindromes-Black Lungs [web download]
Pocahaunted-All Of Is Of [Make It Real LP]
Blank Dogs-Heat & Depression [Phrases LP]
Wooden Shjips-Vampire Blues [Vol. 2 LP]

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