Human Pleasure radio 21st August 2023…..I’ve been waiting

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Facs – Class Spectre [Still Life In Decay LP]
pam risourié – You Are The Sound [Days Of Distortion LP]
Water Machine – At The Drive In [Raw Liquid Power LP]
Cave Story – Absolute Best [Wide Wall Tree Tall LP]
Firestations – Travel Trouble [Thick Terrain LP]
Velcros – Secret State [Spit Takes LP]
Hey Colossus – Curved In The Air [In Blood LP]
Public Speaking – Right Angle Wrong Shape [An Apple Lodged in My Back LP]
Planet Birthday – Life Is A Movie [Celestial Person LP]
Cave Story – Unexpected Advantage [Wide Wall Tree Tall LP]
Teenage Fanclub – Back to the Light [Nothing Lasts Forever LP]
Jazz Mags – Blue Juice [Stick Together LP]
English Teacher – The World’s Biggest Paving Slab [single]
Office Dog – Gleam [Spiel LP]
Swansea Sound – Twentieth Century [Twentieth Century LP]
Smile Too Much – You Can’t Help Me [EP2]
the 1981 – Mona Lisa [Move On EP]
The Empty Threats – Sunday Night [Monster Truck Mondays LP]
Wine Pride – Lone Flyer [Wine Pride LP]
DARTZ – Earn The Thirst [single]
DITZ – Riverstone [single]
DUVET – Girlcow [Girlcow / Sweaty Dog]
Tom Bright – One Too Many [single]
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Ave En Reversa [Datura LP]
Cindy – The Price Is Right [Why Not Now? LP]
The Clientele – Claire’s Not Real [I Am Not There Anymore LP]
Baus – Big Black Cloak [Zum Audio, Volume 5 LP]
Sloppy Heads – Love Is a Disease [Sometimes Just One Second LP]
semiwestern – i never mean what i say [semiwestern LP]
I Am a Rocketship – It’s Because of You He’s Dead [La Cruella LP]
The Natvral – Summer of Hell [Summer Of No Light LP]
Spring Breeding – Gina Sleeps All Day [Zum Audio, Volume 5 LP]
ÅRABROT – Horrors Of The Past [Of Darkness and Light LP]
Micko & the Mellotronics – (What’s in a) Name [Le Vice Anglais LP]
Billiam – Low Testosterone [Freak Line single]
Dennis Cometti – John Citizen [Suburban Condition LP]
Swiss Portrait – Always [The Crippling Pain of Happiness LP]

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