A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Rick White + Eiyn Sof – Here We Are [single]
Dead Sea Apes / Adam Stone / Black Tempest – Shop Soiled [Dataland LP]
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Ants And Bats [Teenage Gizzard LP]
Pop Filter – Waiting To Be Now [Donkey Gully Road LP]
Funeral Tango – Jeebus [Influencer LP]
Belowsky – 2020 Ball Drop [single]
The Mary Veils – Time [Slacker Paint LP]
The Meffs – You’ll See [single]
USER – The Last Hour of Precious Sleep (feat. Laura Trapnell [REHASHREMAKEREMODEL LP]
YFC – Rolling Thunder 2021 (Wiki Leaks Mix) [Yankee Foxtrot Charlie LP]
Staffers – Pastor Carson [In the Pigeon Hole LP]
Twisted Thing – Promise of Penance [Sacred Cement EP]
Blanketman – Harold [single]
Chronophage – Any Junkyard Dreams [Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album LP]
Jody and the Jerms – Get Me Out [single]
Shitkid – Baby Roulette [Crotchrock LP]
Mopptops – Our LIves [RidingEasy Xmas 2020 Mixtape]
Hex Beat – Two Masters [A Series of Kicks LP]
The Fur. – Planet of Love [Serene Reminder LP]
Editrix – Chelsea [Tell Me I’m Bad LP]
Straight Arrows – Running Wild [Still Happening (10 Year Anniversary Tapes) EP]
Drunk With Joy – Home [Home LP]
Horrid Red – Radiant Life [Radiant Life LP]
NewDad – I Don’t Recognise You [single]
Dead Sheeran – Keep Your Distance [A National Disgrace LP]

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