Human Pleasure radio 17 July 2023…..The grief is very real, he will be missed.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Wireheads – Hanging Garden [Potentially Venus LP]
Sweeping Promises – Good Living Is Coming For You [Good Living Is Coming For You LP]
DAIISTAR – Star Starter [Good Time LP]
Firestations – Travel Trouble [Thick Terrain LP]
BAu – Self Cannibal [Indifferentemente LP]
Hot Face – dura dura [single]
Dippers – Recurrent Sight [Clastic Rock LP]
We Melt Chocolate – No Meaning Man [single]
Everyone Asked About You – Me Vs. You [Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts LP]
Workhorse – Desert [single]
New Estate – Westie [5 LP]
Snooper – Running [Super Snõõper LP]
Velcros – Bad Device [Spit Takes LP]
Current Affairs – Right Time [Off the Tongue LP]
Me Lost Me – Heat! [RPG LP]
La Sécurité – Le Kick [Stay Safe! LP]
Cult Nonsense – In the Yeah [VOL 1 EP]
Deadletter – Degenerate Inanimate [single]
Fake Fever – Graveyard Shift [single]
Prewn – But I Want More [Through The Window LP]
Grrrl Gang – Spunky! [Spunky! LP]
Scouge – Anxiety [single]
semiwestern – pose [single]
Telescreens – Games [single]
the 1981 – Make It Right [Move On EP]
The Goods – I’m Not the Only One [The Goods EP]
Private Lives – Hit Record [Hit Record LP]
Dippers – Recurrent Sight [Clastic Rock LP]
Life Strike – Other Side Of The World [Peak Dystopia LP]
Baylies Band – Gay French Disco [Madonna Lives In My Basement LP]
Being Dead – Muriel’s Big Day Off [When Horses Would Run LP]
Far Caspian – Choice The Last [Remaining Light LP]
Hey Colossus – My Name In Blood [In Blood LP]
THE WIND UPS – Jonathan Says [Jonathan Says EP]
Nate Dionne – In Blood [Fantasy EP]

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