A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Evil Blizzard – Those We Left Behind [The Worst Show On Earth LP]
Motrik – King Of Tonga [Safety Copy LP]
Gnod – A Body [Chapel Perilous LP]
Rodney Cromwell – Barbed Wire [Rodney’s English Disco EP]
F.U.K. – I Got A Head [Road Kill b/w I Got A Head 7″]
Pinkshinyultrablast – Triangles [Miserable Miracles LP]
Tess Parks , Anton Newcombe – Come Together [Right On EP]
The Parkinsons – See No Evil [The Shape of Nothing to Come LP]
LIINES – Hold Your Breath [stop start LP]
Snapped Ankles – Ghosts (Ghosts On Tinder Violation) [Violations EP]
Girls In Synthesis – We Might Not Make Tomorrow [We Might Not Make Tomorrow E.P]
Modern Studies – Fast As Flows [Welcome Strangers LP]
The Third Sound – Photographs (feat. Anton Newcombe) [All Tomorrow’s Shadows LP]
Velveteen Rabbit – Mind-Numbing Entertainment [Mind-Numbing Entertainment 7″]
Tim & The Boys – Two Cowboys [Growing LP]
Routine Death – Charm Tooth [Parallel Universes LP]
Ragweed – Up ‘n’ Under [Breathing Holes EP]
Billy & Dolly – Can’t Stay Calm [Five Suns LP]
BEAK> – The Meader [L.A. Playback LP]
Them Are Us Too – Grey Water [Amends LP]
Ulrika Spacek – No. I Hum [Suggestive Listening EP]
Honey Radar – Medium Mary Todd [Psychic Cruise EP]
Carb On Carb – It’s been a rough year [For Ages LP]
The Coke Dares – Don’t Deny [Fake Lake LP]

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