A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Èlan Vital – Possession [Shadow Self LP]
Ex Fulgur – No Way To Get Out [Noire Sont Les Galaxies LP]
Hex – Page Of Pentacles [single]
Dead Gurus – Mistress X [Acid Bench LP]
Year Of Birds – Reader’s Digest [White Death To Power Alan LP]
Snakehole – Good Conversation [Interludes Of Insanity LP]
Guided By Voices – Goodbye Note [August By Cake LP]
Milk Music – Serious Listener [Mystic 100’s LP]
Secret Shine – Dirty Game [There Is Only Now LP]
Sonic Jesus – No Way [Grace LP]
Spectres – Welcoming The Flowers [Condition LP]
Pye Corner Audio , Faten Kanaan – The Darkest Wave [The Darkest Wave 7″]
Public Memory – Verdict [Veil Of Counsel LP]
Electric Floor – Nosedive [Fader EP
Kyo – Life Digest [I Musik LP]
Glass Vaults – Brooklyn [The New Happy LP]
Irma Vep – That Cake Won’t Eat Itself [The Cake Won’t Eat Itself 7″]
Heavy Metal – Blue Suede Shoe [LP2]
Serials – Annoy Me [Nutrition Facts LP]
Wolf Solent – Red Moon [EP 4]
Honey Bucket – Furniture Days [Patch Of Grass EP]
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Colours Run [The French Press EP]
Roya – A Sickness [Roya LP]
Gnoomes – City Monk [Tschak! LP]
Idles – White Privilege [Brutalism LP]
Soft – Dark Bass Tortured [Coldwave Nostalgia, A Shoegaze Story LP]
Slingshot Dakota – Grudge [Broken 7″]

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