A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Wolf Manhattan – Sometimes [Wolf Manhattan LP]
ON – Break You [ON LP]
The God in Hackney – Heaven in Black Water [The World in Air Quotes LP]
Human Potential – Hoosi, No! [Hoosi, No! LP]
Yo La Tengo – Sinatra Drive Breakdown [This Stupid World LP
Madness at Home ON – Wet Room [Shoelace LP]
Gilla Band – Sports Day [Single]
They Are Gutting a Body of Water – violence ii [S LP]
The Bobby Lees – Death Train [Bellevue LP]
The Casual Dots – The Mourning After [Sanguine Truth LP]
Heaven For Real – Energy Bar [single]
Beachware – The Arcade [It’s Only Time LP]
Jennifer Touch – Gudrun [Midnight Proposals LP]
Golden Hours – Come And Find Me [Golden Hours LP]
clickBAITERS – Lousy Friend [NEW NO YORK LP]
M(h)aol – No One Ever Talks To Us [Attachment Styles LP]
The Psychotic Monks – Crash [Pink Colour Surgery LP]
Last Tourist – Lemon Twist [Last Tourist LP]
Surf Friends – Something Real [Sonic Waves LP]
Romance – Fast Car [Seven Inches of Romance EP]
Lambrini Girls – White Van [You’re Welcome LP]
SUEP – In Good Health [Shop EP]
Oh Well Goodbye – Woods [The Slow Advance EP]
freddyboy – Fool4U [Hobby LP]
Drahla – Lip Sync [single]
Objections – BSA Day [BSA Day / Better Luck Next Time EP]
Lanyard – Begone Foul Spirits [Hi Honey Good Morning LP]
Emma Dilemma – Rain Keeps Comin’ [Back to Bed LP]
Convinced Friend – Sackcloth [Convinced Friend LP]
Piss for Pumpkin – Son Of Ugly [Scared To Die LP]
The Hanging Stars – You’re So Free [Hollow Heart LP]
Galore – New Living [Blush EP]
Surface To Air Missive – Violet [Shadows Leap LP]
Meat Wave – Waveless [Malign Hex LP]

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