A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Gold Dime – Hindsight II [My House LP]
Stephen Mallinder – Satellite [Um Dada LP]
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Open Skies [single]
Majestic Horses – Call You Out [Away From The Sun LP]
Les Big Byrd – Snö-Golem [single]
Patrick Jones and John Robb – No Borders From The Sky [Renegade Psalms LP]
Bethlehem Steel – Govt Cheese [Bethlehem Steel LP]
Drahla – Godstar [single]
Susan – Now I Know Why [As I Was LP]
MNNQNS – She’s Waiting for the Day [Body Negative LP]
Goon – Deny [Heaven Is Humming LP]
Senium – Upside [Senium LP]
Soccer Mommy – Lucy [Single]
Sports Team – Fishing [Single]
Rev Rev Rev – Clutching the blade [Kykeon]
Local Authority – Oil Rigs [Single]
Love Coffin – Nothing At All [Nothing At All EP]
Wished Bone – Hold Me [Sap Season LP]
Fur – Trouble Always Finds Me [Single]
Dreamdecay – N_O [Single]
(Sandy) Alex G – In My Arms [House of Sugar LP]
Sprinters – Ending [Struck Gold LP]
Cherubs – Tigers In The Sky [Immaculada High LP]
No Sister – Pacific [Influence EP]
Tennis System – Cut [Lovesick LP]
Sulfate – Bush [Sulfate LP]
Program – Motorbike [Show Me LP]

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