A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Helicon – Phil Mitchell’d [Zero Fucks LP]
W. H. Lung – Simpatico People [Simpatico People LP]
Beat Rhythm Fashion – Property [Property single]
Fontaines D.C. – Big [Dogrel LP]
Ty Segall and Freedom Band – Love Fuzz [Deforming Lobes LP]
SPC ECO – The Heart And Soul [Fifteen LP]
Wand – Scarecrow [Laughing Matter LP]
Partner – Long and McQuade [Saturday the 14th LP]
Ritual Howls – Alone Together [Rendered Armor LP]
The Stroppies – Cellophane Car [Whoosh LP]
La Fille – Letting Go [Alright Already LP]
Flat Worms – Plastic at Home [Into the Iris EP]
Model Home – Hinemoa St [Model Home LP]
Disq – Communication [Communication / Parallel 7″]
Bilge Pump – Gondwana Girl [We Love You LP]
Slag Queens – Lever [You Can’t Go Out Like That LP]
Sir Robert Orange Peel – I’ve Started So I’ll Finish [Turn That Bloody Racket Down! LP]
Yak – Fried [Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness LP]
Misty Coast – Loophole [Melodaze LP]
wych elm – monkey jaw [rat blanket LP]
Nanami Ozone – The Art Of Sleeping In [No LP]
The Ocean Party – Nothing Grows [Nothing Grows LP]

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