Live session this week…Live at Lowlands 2008

The Ting Tings

….and tunes that spun on the turntable this week

CSS-Cannonball [Left Behind CDS]
Das Wanderlust-I Wish I Was A Robot [Horses for courses LP]
David Cronenberg’s Wife-I’m On The Booze, Mama [Bluebeard’s Rooms LP]
Kissing Kalina-Juggernaut [Single]
Glasvegas-S.A.D. Light [Glasvegas LP]
ddd-Spiral [ddd EP]
Meth Teeth-Bus Rides [Meth Teeth 7″]
Left Lane Cruiser-Mr. Johnson [Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table LP]
Rock City Sixteen-The Snake [Myspace]
She Keeps Bees-Focus [Nests LP]
Sister-Down Down [Myspace]
Starfucker-Florida [Starfucker LP]
Stars-14 Forever [Sad Robots EP]
The Late Greats-Gareth [Life Without Balloons LP]
Yokohama Hooks-Turn on [Turn On 7″]
Shrag-Talk to the left [Myspace]
Blackstrap-The Bitter, The Sweet [Steal My Horses And Run LP]
Mansions-Take It Back [Mansions EP]
Popular Workshop-Reptilians [We’re Alive And We’re Not Alone LP]

Finishing off with a live to air interview with Mark Collins from The Charlatans.