No live sessions this week…..into the tunes

Plastic Passion-It’s Been Done [Contrived Imagery LP]
Future of the Left-Wrigley Scott [Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires LP]
Elle s’appelle-She Sells Sea Shells [Little Flame single]
Cut The Blue Wire-Rockets Ready To Fire [Revert, Restart, Reset LP]
Headtapes-Love Is Suicide [Love Is Suicide single]
4 or 5 Magicians-Change The Record [Change The Record 7″]
Deerhoof-The Tears And Music Of Love [Offend Maggie LP]
Little Death-Baby Can You Dig Your Man? [Little Death EP]
The Muttering Retreats-I Don’t Believe In Love [The Muttering Retreats LP]
2 Hot 2 Sweat-Office Drone [Half-Assed Rom Com single]
Lowline-Sound Of Music [Sound Of Music single]
+/- (Plus/Minus)-The Hours You Keep [Xs on Your Eyes LP]
My Device-Eat Lead [Eat Lead single]
Boy Genius-Talk About Love [Anchorage LP]
Love Is All-Sea Sick [A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP]
Bromheads Jacket-JFK vs USA [On The Brain LP]
Psapp-Part Like Waves [The Camel’s Back LP]
Selfish Cunt-Feel Like A Woman [English Chamber Music LP]
Rosalita-If You Can’t Dance [single]
Sam Isaac-Fire Fire [Sticker, Star And Tape LP]
The Lucksmiths-Good Light [First Frost LP]
The Loves-The Ex Gurlfriend [The Loves EP]
The Platers-Stand And Fall [Myspace]
Stars And Sons-In The Ocean [In The Ocean single]
The High Plane Drifters-Cry Like A River [Hot Property E.P]
The Pristines-Suitable Lies [States Of Mine LP]
The Unremarkables-21st Century Ghost [21st Century Ghost single]