We didn’t have a live session this week due to the public holiday here, so the show ate some pies and went XL..

..on with the show

Apteka-Where Days Go [Gargoyle Days LP]
Frightened Rabbit-Scottish Winds [A Frightened Rabbit EP] free download
Pairs-Cloud Nine [Summer Sweat LP free download
Pre-Yr Fun is Fun [Third Album LP]
A Grave With No Name-We Passed The Moon [Lower CS]
High Places-Dry Lake [Original Colors LP]
Mellow Grave-Burn One [Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept LP]
David Lynch-Pinky’s Dream [Crazy Clown Time LP]
Frankie & The Heartstrings-Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light) [single]
Golden Grrrls-Red Sea [New Pop 7″]
Papa-Ain’t It So [A Good Woman Is Hard To Find LP]
Colleen Green-Cujo [Cujo LP]
Weird Dreams-Holding Nails [Holding Nails 7″]
Fair Ohs-You’ve Got Teeth [Pacfic Rim Early Recordings EP]
Blouse-Time Travel [Blouse LP]
Dive-Sometime [Sometime 7″] free download
Heavenly Beat-Desire [Suday 7″]
Thee Spivs-TV Screen [Black And White Memories LP]
The Sunshine Factory-Dive Dive free download
Psychic Ills-Mind Daze [Hazed Dream LP]
Weekend-The One You Want [Red EP]
Veronica Falls-All Eyes On You [Veronica Falls LP]
Goitia Deitz-Line [Romance 7″]
Wavves-Bug [Life Sux EP]
Heavy Times-Let It Die [Jacker LP]
Radar Eyes-Miracle [single]
Wax Idols-Uneasy [No Future LP]
Rayographs-Space Of The Halls [Rayographs LP]

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