Live session this week from EMA recorded at Ace Hotel in NYC during CMJ 2011, USA.

…and on with the show.

Fever Fever-Pins [single]
Sad Baby Wolf-8th Level [single]
Big Troubles-She Smiles For Pictures [She Smiles For Pictures 7″]
younghusband-Tropic of Cancer [Crystal EP ]
Bitch Magnet-Mesentery [Bitch Magnet 3LP reissue]
Islet-What We Done Wrong [Illuminated People LP]
Royal Headache-Psychotic Episode [Royal Headache LP]
Whales in Cubicles-We Never Win [single]
Screen Vinyl Image-Night Trip [Strange Behavior LP]
The Living Kills-With The Dead [Faceless Angels LP]
Violens-Be Still [Nine Songs LP]
The Proper Ornaments-Who Thought [The Proper Ornaments EP]
The Pheromoans-Mountain Pass [Bar Rock EP]
The Jesus Lizard-Puss [CLUB LP]
Balaclavas-Down and Loose [Snake People LP]
Ty Segall-Spiders [Spiders 7″]
Guitar Wolf-Concrete punk [Spacenattleshiplove LP]

This week podcast here and Mixcloud here