A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Ian William Craig – The Nearness [Centres LP]
Solids – Wait It Out [Else LP]
Yen Towers – Bid Ll (Trench) [Bidders Must Justify Their Price LP]
50 Foot Wave – Human [Bath White EP]
Skating Polly – For The View [The Big Fit LP]
Camp Cope – Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams [Camp Cope LP]
Margaret Glaspy – You And I [Emotions And Math LP]
Angry Angles – Crowds [Angry Angles LP]
Clique – Top Field [Burben Piece LP]
Pretty City – Part Of Your Crowd [Colorize LP]
Mirror Gaze – Motorway [Watch CS]
Unity Floors – Moving To Melbourne [Life Admin LP]
Papertwin – The Pool [Vacation EP]
Jackie Lynn – Franklin, Tn [Jackie Lynn LP]
Puzzle – Soaring [Soaring LP]
Enjoy – Tribal Place [Another Word For Joy LP]
Esper Scout – Gaps In The Border Fence [Single]
Grubby Little Hands – Michael [Garden Party LP]
Grieving – My Friend, The Ghost [single]
Honey – Taking A Ride [Love Is Hard LP]
Kaspar Hauser – Dole Inside [E.P]
Spectres – Strange Weather [Utopia LP]
Mysteron – I Am An Animal Cannibal [Split EP Better Than The Beetles EP]
Prince Rupert’s Drops – Dangerous Death Ray [Climbing Light LP]
Maths And The Moon – Magic [Familiar Strange LP]
Cool Ghouls – Sundial [Animal Races LP]
The Kamikaze Sex Pilots – Sharon Signs To Cherry Red [Sharon Signs To Cherry Red LP]
The G.T.’s – Boys Have Feelings Too [Sharon Signs To Cherry Red LP]
The Flatbackers – Buzzz Going Round [Sharon Signs To Cherry Red LP]

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