A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Steven Wright – Exposure [Repetition LP]
A Grave With No Name – Wedding Dress [Wooden Mask LP]
The Writhing Squares – What Does Orion See When He Looks Back At Me? [In The Void Above LP]
The Chills – Smile From A Dead Dead Face (Live) [Kaleidoscope World LP]
Tigercats – Rent Control [Continental Drift LP]
Tape Waves – Always Shines [Here To Fade LP]
Lazy Legs – Open [Visiondeath LP]
Goat – Alarms [Requiem LP]
Bayonne – Appeals [Primitives LP]
Cosmonauts – A Ok! [A Ok! LP]
Dayflower – Big Blue [single]
The Meow Meows – Pretty If You Smile [Go Boom LP]
Hiva Oa – Seskinore [Ep Mk2 (Part 1) EP]
Marching Church – Heart Of Life [Telling It Like It Is LP]
Lutheran Heat – Now Ya Know [Louder From The Other Side LP]
Medicine Voice – Aham / Realm Of The Wild Woman [I And Thou LP]
Breathe Panel – On My Way [single]
T54 – Birds (First Practice) [Drone Attacks Deluxe CS]
The Cobra Lamps – The Indicator [The Cobra Lamps LP]
Peaches – Hannelore [Desire Will Set You Free LP]
KHOMPA – Down World [The Shape Of Drums To Come LP]
Graveyard Club – No Heart [Cellar Door LP]
Happy Diving – Holy Ground [Electric Soul Unity LP]
Rebel Yell – Never Perfection [Mother Of Millions LP]
Lydia Lunch , Marc Hurtado – You Can’t Save Anyone [My Lover The Killer LP]
Honey Bucket – Sycamore [Magical World LP]

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