A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Bliss Fields – Slowly, Forever [Slowly, Forever LP]
The Long Blondes – Fulwood Babylon [Someone To Drive You Home LP]
Tigercats – New Work [New Works LP]
Public Body – Formica [Flavour of Labour LP]
Salem Trials – Clubbed to Death [FOE Fact LP]
Reptaliens – Take It [Multiverse LP]
Deserta – Goodbye Vista [Every Moment, Everything You Need LP]
Silverbacks – They Were Never Our People [Archive Material LP]
Hearts and Rockets – Buy It [TV Is Boring EP]
Kids On A Crime Spree – Vital Points [Fall In Love Not In Line LP]
The Buoys – Bad Habit [Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster LP]
The Tyrds – Wow You’re Cool [I Got Shit On My Mind LP]
Boy Harsher – Autonomy [The Runner (Original Soundtrack) LP]
Jessica’s Brother – Caroline [Just Rain LP]
Molly Nilsson – Earth Girls [Extreme LP]
Clear Capsule – Surface Dweller [Gravity Licker LP]
cumgirl8 – Pluck Me [RIP cumgirl8 EP]
Cemento – Incomplete Thoughts [Killing Life LP]
Vietnam – Whispers to Ignore [This Quiet Room LP]
Ben Hopkins – you were my best queer friend but you became a qanon supporter so we dont talk anymore [one hundred days of hurting my own feelings LP]
Cowgirl – Shut Up [Caroline 7″]
Free Live Sports – The Lizard [Stay Grounded LP]
Artsick – Dealing With Tantrums [Fingers Crossed LP]
Anxious – More Than A Letter [Little Green House LP]
Chaos Emeralds – Clenched Teeth [Crawling From The Wreckage LP]
The Marbled Page – It May Not Be Impossible [Some Siren’s Set-List LP]
Lurve – Right Moment [Lurve LP]
The Conspiracy – Changes [Sword Of Damocles LP]
Sky Diving Penguins – Run Boy [Sky Diving Penguins LP]
Blood Red Shoes – Give Up [Ghosts On Tape LP]
Regent – Lets go out  [Single]
Magon – With Your Man [In The Blue LP]
The Smallgoods – Where’ve You Been All This Time [Lost in the Woods LP]
TAPE TOY – Tired [Honey, WTF LP]
semi trucks – Motorbike Riding Star [Vs. California LP]
Sloth Cult – Some Revelation [Every Ism Ends In Cannibalism LP]

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