A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Limblifter – Impulse Control [Little Payne LP]
Stuffed Foxes – Hovel [Songs/Motion Return LP]
The Stargazer Lilies – LA Day [Cosmic Tidal Wave LP]
Spice World – Useless Feeling [There’s No I In Spice World LP]
PROPERTY – Empty Leather Spell [Water Temple LP]
Model Shop – The Greatest Only [Love Interest LP]
Haleiwa – Lost Bay [Hallway Waverider LP]
deadletter – Zeitgeist [Heat! LP]
Gut Health – Barbarella [Electric Party Chrome Girl LP]
Whitelands – Born In Understanding [single]
Van Coeur – Drowned [Failing Sequence LP]
Straight Arrows – Out & Down (Live) [Live at Lansdowne ’21 LP]
Porpoise – Breakneck Brain [single]
No Home – Emerald Green Mirror [Young Professional LP]
My Raining Stars – The Life We Planned [This life we planned LP]
Magic Arm – Good Views Near North [Dance Mania LP]
Havemeyer – Moonlight [Slacker LP]
Floorshow – White Noise [White Noise LP]
Fell – We Could Do Anything [single]
The Endorphins – Propagate [Nothing Is Real LP]
NightShift – Supermarket [Made Of The Earth LP]
Sea Moss – Number Dreams [SEAMOSS2 LP]
Alien Nosejob – Shuffling Like Coins [Stained Glass LP]
Gladie – Mud [Don’t Know What You’re in Until You’re Out LP]
Dog Name – Lean Down [Dog Name LP]
Swansea Sound – Happy Christmas To Me [Music Lover EP]
Hot Tubs Time Machine – All the Drinks [Double Tubble LP]
dumb – Pull Me Up [Pray 4 Tomorrow LP]
The Laughing Chimes – Laurel Haights Court [Zoo Avenue EP]
The Haunted Youth – Stranger [Daawn Of The Freak LP]
Hammered Hulls – Needlepoint Tiger [Careening LP]
Sobs – Friday Night [Air Guitar LP]

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