A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Trout – in my room [Colourpicker LP]
NewDad – Angel [Madra LP]
SPRINTS – Up and Comer [Letter To Self LP]
University – King Size Slim [Title Track LP]
YOBS – Fortune Teller [Fortune Teller b/w Cemetery Man 7″]
FOOTBALLHEAD – Habits [single]
Facet – Yoga [Facet LP]
Pop Crimes – My Friends [Gathered Together LP]
Ducktails – Detention [The CradleP]
USA Nails – Feel Worse [single]
Human Interest – So Smart [Empathy Lives In Outer Space LP]
Peter Kernel – Bravo [Drum To Death LP]
All Structures Align – Six Falcon [Cut The Engines LP]
Hiding Places – Crown Of Tin [single]
The Cavs – The Kids Are Talking [single]
Sachet – Crushing Whims (Ride) [The Seeing Machine LP]
Cardinals – Roseland [single]
The Fauns – Mixtape Days [How Lost LP]
The Missing Thimbles – Faraway [Secret in Cottingley LP]
ShitKid – Dirty Guy [Rejected Fish LP]
Shoulder Season – She Says Goodbye [single]
Softcult – Haunt You Still [single]
Transistors – High Hopes [single]
Caress – The Stranger [Night Call LP]
Donnie Flash Heart – Wide Streets [single]
The Judges – Be on the Beach [Judgement-Day LP]
mLau – Lullaby for Wendla Bergmann [single]
Ghost Woman – Yoko [Hindsight Is 50/50 LP]
Elaine Malone – The Hunger [Pyrrhic LP]
Sewage – Good Friend Gone Long [Sewage LP]
Blacklisters – Melting John [Auf Dem Tisch EP]
autogramm – Love Is For Fools [Music That Humans Can Play LP]
GIMMY – Tell Me I’m Your Girl [single]
Andy Ray – Freaks are Buzz [Freaks are Buzz EP]
Frog – DOOM SONG [Grog LP]
Voodoo Beach – Immer Noch [Wonderful Life LP]
VELCROS – Hollowed [Strange News From the Vault LP]

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