A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say.. 

…on with this weeks show

Perfect Pussy – Work  [Say Yes To Love LP]
Little Racer
Ghosty  [Modern Accent EP
Little Trouble KidsThunder  [Haunted Hearts LP]
Pure X
Every Tomorrow  [Angel LP]
Twozza  [Choose Your Own A-Side 7″]
Full Ugly
Hanging Around  [Spent The Afternoon LP]
Ela Stiles
Kumbh Mela  [Ela Stiles LP]
Boyzone  [Mess LP]
Cassettes On Tape
She Said  [Murmuration EP]
Where’s Your Car Debbie  [Where’s Your Car Debbie single]
Alpine Decline
Fearless In The Face Of Fate  [Go Big Shadow City LP]
Shut Up  [Soft Opening LP]
Gout   [Creepoid LP]
Creative Adult
Half Way  [Psychic Mess LP]
Die Nerven
Und Ja  [Fun LP]
Robots    [Regis Philbin cs]
The Sweets
Winter   [Zing Zang cs]
Ex Hex
Hot And Cold   [Hot And Cold 7″]
White SunsWorld-Lock  [Totem LP] 

Podcast Only Tracks 

Broken English ClubBoxes  [Jealous God 04 EP]
Passenger Peru
Health System  [Passenger Peru LP]
Come & See [ Under Color Of Official Right LP]
Brain F≠
Fulcrum   [Empty Set LP]
Gallon Drunk
The Dumb Room   [The Soul Of The Hour LP]
Holly Golightly
1234  [All Her Fault LP]  

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