mix·tape VIII
noun ˈmiks-ˌtāp 

Definition of MIXTAPE

: a compilation of songs recorded (as onto a cassette tape or a CD) from various sources.
I was unable to do the show live on Monday as the station was moving studios, so I have bashed out a classic C120 mixtape playlist for your listening pleasure.

…and on with the show

Apostille – Slurry [Powerless LP]
Astrobrite – Deluxer [Deluxer LP]
Big Waves Of Pretty – !I!!Ii!!!Iii [Live In Copenhagen CS]
Car Seat Headrest – You’re In Love With Me [How To Leave Town CS]
Cloudland Canyon – Sea Tact [Split 7″]
Death – Look At Your Life [N.E.W. LP]
Frog – Rainbow Road [Judy Garland single]
Girl Band – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage [The Early Years LP]
Marching Church – Your Father’s Eyes [This World Is Not Enough LP]
No More – Danse Macabre [Suicide Commando EP]
Rolo Tomassi – Stage Knives [Grievances LP]
Big Waves Of Pretty – <€> [Live In Copenhagen CS]
Nadine Shah – Living [Fast Food LP]
Real Numbers – New Boy [Up And About 7″]
Johnny Marr – I Feel You [I Feel You 7″]
Sneaky Feelings – Husband House [Send You (Deluxe) LP]
Suuns And Jerusalem In My Heart – Gazelles In Flight [Suuns And Jerusalem In My Heart LP]
The Coneheads – 1982 [L​.​P​.​1. Aka 14 Year Old High School Pc​-​Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo For The Sake Of Extorting $​$​$ From Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L​.​P​]
Unlikely Friends – Wasted It [Solid Gold Cowboys LP]
Upset – The Return [’76 EP]
Clean Girls – No New Friends [DespiteYou LP]
Heart Beach – Away [Heart Beach LP]
The Leather Nun – Dancing In The Rain (I’m In Love) [Whatever LP]
Dark Blue – Dear Iris [Pure Reality LP]
Silo Halo – Drive Blind [Leave Them All Behind – A Tribute To Ride LP]
Waxahatchee – Grey Hair [Ivy Tripp LP]
Kitten Forever – Nightmare [Miserable People/Nightmare 7″]
Yowler – 7 Towers [The Offer LP]
The Junkyard Liberty – Heroes [68th Birth, A Tribute To David Bowie LP]

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