A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

…on with this weeks show

Youth Code – Sick Skinned (God Module Pandemic Remix)  [A Place To Stand LP]
Ausmuteants – Tunnel Vision  [Order Of Operation LP]
Liam Kenny – Eye’s Without A Face  [A Kenny For Your Thoughts LP]
Witching Waves – Under The Stairs  [Outline Mini Cd]
Braves – I Don’t Surf  [Seapunk LP]
Bearhug – The Glow  [So Gone LP]
Arctic Flowers – Tell My Horse  [Weaver LP]
Drunk Mums – Nanganator  [Nanganator single]
Wire – 2 People In A Room (Notre Dame)  [Document & Eyewitness – 1978-1980 LP]
So Cow – Operating At A Loss  [The Long Con LP]
Mazes – Letters Between U And V  [Wooden Aquarium LP]
Fair Maiden – India  [Fair Maiden LP]
Claws & Organs – Bite My Lip  [I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me EP]
Harry Manfredini – Back Up To Annie Alone  [Friday The 13th Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP]
California Girls – Change  [Age Of Consent Ep]
Horsebeach – Dull  [Horsebeach LP]
Old Mate – Requesting Permission  [It Is What It Is LP]
Black Fungus – The Way You Are  [Black Fungus cs]
Ash Code – Waves With No Shores  [Oblivion LP]
Jiboia – Dvapara Yuga  [Badlav EP]
Children Of Leir – Children Of Leir  [Children Of Leir /Black Annis Single]
Film – Ping Pong With Angels  [Eclipse     LP]
Fractions – Burst  [Fractions EP]
Martyr Privates – Toe The Plank  [Martyr Privates LP]
Bunnies On Ponies – Castle Van Halen  [Heat Death Of The Universe LP]
Dream Police – Hypnotized  [Hypnotized LP]

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