A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with this weeks show

The Living Eyes – Guilty Pleasures  [Guilty Pleasure 7″]
Whirr – Mumble  [Sway LP]
The Ghost Wolves – Shotgun Pistol Grip  [Man, Woman, Beast LP]
Horrible Present – Barefoot Ghost  [Intuition LP]
The Proper Ornaments – Magazine  [Wooden Head LP]
Opposite Sex – Supermarket  [T E M P O R A R Y LP]
The Canals – Young Napoleon  [Young Napoleon EP]
Total Control – Two Less Jacks      [Typical System LP]
Pizza Time – Sleep Less  [U Wanna Pizza Me? LP]
Strange Hands – Buried  [Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things LP]
Strange Harvest – Amnesia  [T E M P O R A R Y LP]
Perfume Genius – Queen  [Queen single]
Wesley Wolfe – Jesus Eyes  [Numbskull LP]
Roya – Mod With Feelings [single]
Bill Baird – Ive Waited My Whole Life To Disappear  [Diamond Eyepatch CS]
Jack Eden – Forever Forever  [Jack Eden LP]
Magi – Holy Water  [Silver CS]
Alpha Consumer – Circular Room (Live On Radio K)  [Radio K webcast]
Leisure Birds – Geodesic Lines  [Tetrahedron LP]
Dark Matter – The Long Count  [Dark Matter LP]
Liam Kenny  – Avalanche  [A Kenny For Your Thoughts LP]
The Losing Team – Amorous You  [The Snailovercello Sessions EP]
Beverly – Planet Birthday  [Careers LP]
Cold Beat – UV  [Over Me LP]
Dead Rabbits – Should’ve Known Better  [Timeisyouronlyenemy LP]
Roberta Bondar – Creature Cave  [Caustic CS]
The Skygreen Leopards – My Friends      [Family Crimes LP]
Engineers – Million Ammended  [Always Returning LP]

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