A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with the show playlist

Horsebeach – Disappear [Disappear 7″]
Nap Eyes – Delirium & Persecution Paranoia [Whine Of The Mystic LP]
Sextile – Visions Of You [A Thousand Hands LP]
The Smoking Trees – She Takes Flight With Me [Tst LP]
Mini Dresses – Center Of A Room  [Four LP]
Negative Scanner – Low  [Negative Scanner LP]
Pavement – Box Elder “Live Brixton 1992” [The Secret History, Vol. 1 LP]
Lust – Whisper [Lust LP]
Deaf Wish – Sunset’s Fool [Pain LP]
Future Death – Serial [Cryptids EP]
Gaycation – So Good [Afterburners Vol. 5 LP]
Drunk Mums – Pub On My Own [Gone Troppo LP]
Jesuits – Carpet Floors [single]
Hinds – Chili Town [single]
Terra – Incurable Condition [Couldn’t Save This EP]
Power Of Satan – In Restaurant [Power Of Satan 7″]
Pega Monstro – Não Consegues [Alfarroba LP]
Liam Kenny – Border Fetish [The White Man Is Oppressor LP]
Hierophants – The 16th [I Don’t Mind/The 16th 7″]
Os Drongos – Herewhile [Out Of The Box LP]
Weak Boys – Wynta [Suffer For Your Art CS]
Rat Columns – Fooling Around (Long Version) [Fooling Around EP]
Toupée – Sensei, Swami, Guru [Leg Toucher LP]
Taipan Tiger Girls – Motion [Taipan Tiger Girls: 1 LP]

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