A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with the show playlist

Disjecta Membra – Death By Discothèque (The Putrefying Corpse Of Rock & Roll) [Death By Discothèque (Remixes) EP]
F Ingers – Hide Before Dinner [Hide Before Dinner LP]
White Poppy – Midnight Sun [Natural Phenomena LP]
Drunk Mums – Dirty Birmy [Gone Troppo LP]
Goat – It’s Time For Fun [It’s Time For Fun 7″]
Cold Showers – Crowds [Matter of Choice LP]
Telepathe – Someone Is Home [Destroyer LP]
Blindness – Broken [Wrapped In Plastic LP]
Moon Scene – Puppeteer [Walk With The Sky LP]
Angie – Ricky Street [Free Agent LP]
Glass Skies – Still Here [Still Here single]
3108 – Aim [single]
Darlings – Mein The Sky [Feel Better LP]
Deaf Wish – Eyes Closed [Pain LP]
Usa Nails – I Am Normal [No Pleasure LP]
Fidlar – Drone [Too LP]
Flesh World – Shaved Head [The Wild Animals In My Life LP]
Holy Motors – Good News [Heavy Flow EP]
Digital Leather – Cold Inside [All Faded LP]
Alex G – Kicker [Beach Music LP]
Human Music – Shadows [Sup LP]
Jack and Eliza – Quarter Past The Hour [Gentle Warnings LP]
Michael O. – World Without Meaning [Really? LP]
Seapony – Hollow Moon [A Vision LP]
Shannon And The Clams – Point Of Being Right [Gone By The Dawn LP]
Donovan Wolfington – John Cena [How To Treat The Ones You Love LP]
Menace Beach – Hey Toupe [Super Transporterreum EP]

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