A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..…

..on with the show.

Zun Zun Egui – Late Bloomer  [Shackles Gift LP]
Erase Errata – Watch Your Language  [Lost Weekend LP]
Mondo Drag – Shifting Sands  [Mondo Drag LP]
Twerps – Simple Feelings  [Range Anxiety LP]
Ming City Rockers – I Wanna Get Out Of Here But I Can’t Take You Anywhere  [Ming City Rockers LP]
Hooton Tennis Club – Cook A Slow Dinner  [80n7 CS]
Sunboy – Abcdna  [80n7 CS]
Eight Rounds Rapid – Dirty  [Lossleader LP]
The Gotobeds – Affection  [Poor People Are Revolting LP]
Menace Beach – Drop Outs  [Ratworld LP]
Shiny Times – On Your Sleeves  [On Your Sleeves single]
Swervedriver – Setting Sun  [Setting Sun single]
Grand Vapids – Adequate  [Guarantees LP]
Froth – Turn It Off  [Bleak LP]
Monoski – Unfortunate Hitchhikers  [Pool Party LP]
Ty Segall Band – The Hill  [Live In San Francisco LP]
Alex Calder – Out Of My Head  [Strange Dreams LP]
Buildings – Respectable Couples  [It Doesn’t Matter LP]
Scarlet Youth – Primal  [Static Waves 3 LP]
Seasurfer – Dagger  [Static Waves LP]
The Grease Arrestor – In Return  [Volume Two LP]
Peter Kernel – Supernatural Powers  [Thrill Addict LP]
Shelly The Cat – Margaret  [Chris EP]
Constant Mongrel – The Law  [DCM 7″]
Dead Farmers – Can t Go  [Wasteland LP]
Viet Cong – Continental Shelf  [Viet Cong LP]

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